For awhile now, I have been missing the community of the West Texas Linux Users Group (WTLUG) of the past. When I first moved to Abilene, the WTLUG meetings were a great way for me to meet other geeks with similar interests. Those meetings eventually lead to friendships that have lasted over the years. Along with the friends, I have gained great information that has been shared at WTLUG meetings. Mountains of time has been shared due to ideas and input from discussions.

So what does this really mean now? I want to bring back active WTLUG meetings. How often and what type of format is up to the group. I have a location we can use that has internet, a projector, a TV, and most importantly a coffee pot.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me (sblaydes [@] wtlug.org). I will be posting a meeting notice here soon.